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the dwarves revere the world above all things- the call it the jewel, & proclaim that it is contained in a vault of exeeding cunning. the dwarves, in their efforts within the earth, skillfully carve facets into this gem, adhereing to the will & wisdom of their eternal gods, the clan fathers. in this they oppose the goblins at many turns, who view the world the way a heyena views a carcass- the universe outside the goblins call the malevolent clock-work, as is typical of their outlook. everyone is out to fuck a goblin; luckily, the're already grieviously fucking whoever intends them harm. the goblin heirarchy determine amongst them who shoves whom. the bottom of the caste system, the runts, are the goblins themselves, stealthy & superstitious. their bosses, the hobgoblins, live a life at full tilt, body wound like a spring. they rule the goblin corbys with smarts as well as brute force, & so as a rule the goblins beneath them ask how high when the hobgoblins say jump. stradling these two essential subraces are the goblin flukes, genetic abberations, which account for only a small percent of the population. the majority of these are large & foolish, & as a rule stupid, trolls & the like. everybody, regardless of how bad ass they thing they are, pays attention when the big bosses speak, the gods of the goblins, who's names each goblin bears- if you are a thornbeard, you answer inevitably to thornbeard himself, in the end. the the top, of course, is the great king rustmrik, who is to the other goblin dieties what a hobgoblin is to a goblin.

misc. the head of the church of the vellic confederacy is the pontiff. the uniform of the clergy is refered to as panopinalia; the laws of virtue & vice are praxis. the names of the city-states that compose that i've made up are balach, vellic, lewin, holbein, orus, blaine, & malcy. one of them is still ruled directly by the vellic confederacy, which won its place as the capitol more though religious conversion than war. the ruler there is called the exarch. people in the vellic confederacy enjoy cat-tail stew. the leaders of blaine are the consuls. there are three prestige classes for blaine so far: the blain consul, the blaine conspiritor, & the those on the path of blaine. there are a number of anti-paladin prestige classes, including the elven malake habbalah, & the unmolested ones, a movement which started in karn, who take great joy in their independence from divinity. the people of alade believe that death herself takes the form of a goose, & that the v shaped flocks that fly overhead are the souls of the departed, following the goose at the pinacle to the lands of the dead.

alone for moments,
you change into lingere;
& then wait for me.

our sweet indulgence
pollinating each other,
each body buzzing.

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