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gosh, remember when a while ago we didn't have a government for a couple of days? that was pretty sweet; i was living high on the hog. also, if i had a stroke right now, i couldn't refuse medical treatment? what the fuck is that. i was looking through some old notes today, & i found my paleoarcheology stuff, & what the fuck is wrong with me? there were like, fourteen (14) of them that i'd drawn eating sandwiches & with bunny ears. & i guess i should amend my statement that i can't draw for shit- i can draw bill the cat's head, which i learned from rick jelensky in sixth grade, & i can draw a bad-ass sandwich.

continuing, i'm kinda pissed today that there arn't flying monkey's, & so i want to give a shout out to that guy who wrote the wizard of oz for making some, & also for making them obey a wicked cool hat. sort of in homage to him, i invented the flying monkees, but none of my teachers today seemed to think that any of the questions i asked about them were entertaining. by seriously, if davey dropped right the fuck down from the sky onto your head, screaching & flinging his poop, you'd be freaked the FUCK out.

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