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god fucking damn it. i missed my forensics class today- all because my alarm was set for post meridian (pm) rather than the morning. which sounds like the worst excuse ever, especially since i was planning on making an excuse for missing class on monday. & it isn't like i wasn't awake at nine o' clock (9:00) anyhow. fuck, that is super frustrating. teeth to the grinding wheel. ah fuck, i'm so annoyed at myself- must prevent back sliding.

last night lindsey & stephanie & i went out. steph's tonsils were covered in bacteria. the roads were covered with ice & we passed semi after semi that had gone off the road & flipped over. at the bar, i met a tiny person named argo who apparently has always been there but i'd never seen. & i'm pretty sure i did that whole "hitting on" thing- i mean, where i am just being friendly but i am pretty unsocialized on an essential level & so it comes off as inapropriate attention. & the lip of my bottle was broken, so my lip was cut up a bit.

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