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i steal her hair from hairbrushes for gypsy magic.

today's sex was brought to you by the number two (2) & the letters oh, oh, & oh.

i'm the president of the internet, & all robots obey me & do what i say. here are some of the things i invented yesterday. when i have my portrait painted, i'm going to have it hung on the walls slanted, so that my face is always in shadow. instead of having carp in my zen pool, i'll have moray eels &/or lion fish. i decided to start drinking balsamic vinegar from the bottle, because if its good enough for jesus, its good enough for m. i want to make clothing that shows the xray of the bones inside, & then i want to wear it & run at people, because if i was an animated skeleton, i'd fucking run right at you.

those are some things i invented yesterday. god-damn weekend. like this: first the metropolitan museum of art, where i played quarters with ganesha- fucking elephant people can drink. we saw a picture of a werewold family & a whole bunch of vampires, & also, i want that "lilith" statue- not only the spider climbing, but also the glass eyes & the whole thing. but we were all so tired, so after we had eithopian food, & drank some coffee at a mafia run joint & saw the worlds oldest living girl standing next to the worlds record holder for bushiest eyebrows (right by where david bowie lives), we went to danielle's room to rest & watch cable. while we were there, one thing led to another, & we had a threesome.

i love her so much i feel like i'm a stalker.

then we went to carla's, & man, i like carla. & i completely approve of her & drew, though i'm not sure if that makes me a mark traitor or what. but since i approve of mark's mental breakdown & sleeping in airports, i think its okay. & i saw laura bivacua which is something i havn't seen in a long time. here things begin to fuzz at the edges, like the vaccuum tubes on the 50's television are corroding. more & more. spiraling desperately out of control, i need a substance abuse intervention (ha ha) etc. & then at the fort hamilton exit of the f, i lost my mind, like jenny! i think the subways are developing sentience & forcing people to ride them extra. anyhow, alot of my insecuritues about us came out, along with alot of drunken psychotica. but just like jenny, at one point i just realized that i was being unreasonable, & thats when my memories start again. stupid telepathic fucking subways.

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