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menonite girls are hot.

lets start off this way: the train was three (3) hours late. not just that, but due to some problem or what kind of broken cable, once we got on it we actually had to go backwards further away from the direction we were meant to be going in. even the lady working the train station fell asleep- then she'd wake up & say something about barney fife before picking up the phone & trying to call the train dispatcher, despite the reality of the phone not being plugged into the wall jack. they eventually gave us chicken dinners from kentucky fried chicken, & since my trainfriends were nice/didn't eat meat/dark meat, etc. i was innuendated with extra food. which was gleefully consumed.

my friends were this way: david, the flaming boy on his way to new york to meet his destiny as an actor. david is just eighteen, though you wouldn't no to look at him, & his step father looks like john goodman's character from the big lebowski. david used to struggle with anorexia- wtf. chad sat across the asile from us- he was on his way back to princeton, not that he knew what he wanted to study. he described himself as lazy but the way i read it, he's just happy with a month by month lifestyle. he was reading the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy. nathan i don't have so much to say about- he used to live in the south but moved to ohio- he goes to philly for cheesesteaks & to visit his brother. then there was ellen, who was easily the most popular girl on the train- everyone knew her. she's moving from kansas city to philly to live with her daughter. ellen & nathan were the first ones to figure out that i'm a bit of a psychopath. ellen also offered to be my mother. for real she did. oh & i was awake when we stopped in latrobe! super 33 excitement!

but eventually the train did get to new york, & like a big time hot shot i was met there by adoring fans. or at least, an adoring fan & her roomate. jenny was there, with aviva, & though we couldn't find them at first, eventually at the blarney rock pub (home of the satanic leprechaun) we discovered ranai & littlewashu, & danielle was already a little in her cup. & i can't talk about them now, because danielle just got out of the shower, but i'll scoop all the dirt on those two foxy ladies later. like, littlewashu's amtrack jacket, & the story of how danielle stole her scarf, & other tales of misbegotten woe. featuring the short story "there was a hole in the wall & then jenny fell through it into the basement." after the bar-tastic tribulations (m: "is anybody using that stool?" guy: "do you not see me fucking standing here?" m: "yes, but is anyone sitting on that stool?") we came into brooklyn. which was an event.

mostly when i say event, i mean jenny was really drunk, & when i tried to get her off the bench she told me how much she didn't love me. then she ran into a train going away from her home! so i chased her, & on the train she sort of came too, & asked where she was & what was going on. & i was mad at her before because i was drunk too, but by then i just wanted to take care of her, & so i explained that we needed to get off the train, so we did, & the station was outdoors so i took off my coat for her to wear. then we came home, the end, unless you count the kinky sex that followed. then really the end.

oh, except i really really liked cobralingus alot, & didn't think it was too pretentious or anything. & i took danielle to her first new york deli. oh, & it was a big funny deal getting her tokens for the subway. & & &. ok now the end. oh, & danielle's voice is diffrent when she's sober. & kerry has a mad "science" necklace. ok the end.

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