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here is my japanese class: a girl in an army uniform, a rudegirl, a tubby otaku, a guy with long hair who's kind of got it together, a guy with white trashy long hair, a hippie, a girl in a bussiness suit, me, two nihonjin. we learnt about the te form of verbs plus the verbal additions of miru, shimau, iku, & kuru. of course, you still have to put miru, shimau, iku, & kuru into proper form, but all things considered, not too bad. if one of the things you consider is that hakutani-sensee could be busting bricks over my head & stabbing me with fish-hooks. something very strange about hakutani-sensee is that she always, without fail, wears a broach. if it was the same one, i'd be suspicious of yakuza connections, but no, its always a diffrent one.

here is a collage of photos of jenny, me, & reigh that we made while we were at the "subway" bar, drinking gin & tonic's during the day. it is very, very adorable.

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