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the frankenstein grenade (too much poison in the dark)

with the stream of technobabble coming out of his mouth like drool from a sleeping child, & i kept trying to tell him "this too shall pass." then he went home, slid off the train like it was teflon coated, & i had the set to myself, time enough to read the children of god since i'd finished my re-read of the sparrow on the subway. i can afford to read a book on the subway with jenny, because i'm going back to new york next week, as well. i got a fair chunk of the way through the giant's house, but it isn't really doing anything for me. remember when rachael wouldn't let me read her copy, because it had all of her favorite parts underlined? jenny lets me read hers. speaking of the purple yarn haired girl, i mentioned how she & all her roomate's kept asking if i'd slept with reigh, & reigh said that she sends presents to people in england & they in turn give the presents to reigh. this all talked over a table, with jenny next to me, hands entangled, mating crabs. at some point i said fuck it & somehow houdini'd my way into a position where sleep was possible, though only at the expense of being able to stand when i'm fifty (50). which was an easy call, since i figure i'll be dead before then. i was woken up by a flashlight to the eyes, to share my seat with a larger woman, who quickly took three fourths (3/4) of the seat over as she curled up to sleep. i kept bobbing & dipping my head, drifting off & then trying to stay with it, since after pittsburgh there was only a few further stops till akron.

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