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i know the secret to drinking corona.

i should mention that the worst part about leaving new york by day on the train is that i won't get the chance to see the world's greatest sign, streached in huge neon letters across a bridge of some respectable size: "trenton makes the world takes." as it stands currently, i am desperately hungry, but the chinese place doesn't open till eleven (11) o' clock. i plan on ordering chicken chow fun with no onion, general tso's chicken, & four (4) crab sticks. before then, i will take a shower- jenny just got out of the shower, & is wearing a pair of underwear that says "brooklyn" on the back. very cute. you will have to take my word for it, though. she's really very sweet, especially when she talks about me on murdering sprees. thats a swell word, isn't it? spree.

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