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here is three haiku's i wrote jenny a forever ago, sort of at request of paperhouse & somewhat at the provision of jenny's little red box.

my girl in no clothes
how i wish i could taste her
soft; a rose petal.

my lips; firm, against
the hard tips of your nipple
tongue--one small circle.

dorm; door closed tightly
tied firm to the bed, tight-trapped--
ecstasy, again.

so today, with jenny. mostly consisted of relaxation, going out for indian food, catching the last half of the super bowl at BAR, & then coming home to have crazy lazy sex, every which way & that. i know, maybe i talk about sex alot, but its all new to me. something i don't talk about is how fucking gross i feel. the last year i spent in really good shape- i mean, kind of exceptionally good shape. now without having worked out for a while, i feel soft. it isn't something i like, though jenny of course assures me that i am still of an athletic build. & oh my god. she wore this sweater today? oh, & jenny laughed about how rabidly monogamous i am. it isn't that the things she says hurt- its more like they hit me in the chest like an anvil. i am jealous & possessive, but she backs me up- it isn't in a mysoginistic way; it isn't because she is a girl but because she's my girl. the thing is? i actually realize the past is, you know, in the past. can you fucking believe it? i love that girl. & if anyone ever tries to hurt her besides me, i'll fucking murder them.

on an unrelated note, if you arn't reading primroseport, then you just arn't getting your quota of pure breed human propaganda. i suggest you alter that.

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