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'm going to try to put in a brief run-down while reigh is on the subway coming back to jenny & i, but i think i might have to flesh out the skeleton of today later; also, it is probably better sumarized by a collage involving twin star stickers, a leonard cohen song, a field,a fortune teller thing (four colours, numbered one [1] through eight [8] thing), pen the pig, & personality tests.

thursdays right before leaving was very strange. coleen came over to me & said "are you going to sit there & look mysterious all night?" & i saw kelly! of the lizzies kelly, who lives on the border of west virginia now, who vanished years ago. & it was in general a big regulars night, with all the barflies in a mad-dashing clique. & i think sexually ambiguous matt thinks i'm sexually ambiguous m, due not only to us dancing to george michael together, but also him saying "i expected to see you out here" to blur's "boys & girls." so thats rad.

after thursday's isaac & i went to country kitchen, joined by mark, where i ate my last meal for a while, before bording the train. the train is easily fast forwarded- i didn't sleep, i didn't eat, i read d&d books, especially the book of vile darkness which isaac got me for christmas, i read choke which antonio got me for christmas, i listened to people yell needlessly at their children, i listened to music, the train got to the station in akron an hour & a half (1:30) late & experianced numerous delays, but ended up at penn station only thirty (30) minutes late. jenny picked me up at it, we ate dinner at dojo's (hijiki-tofu), we came home, i showered off the bus-rot, & then we had sex. then jenny fell asleep on the couchv & i stayed up re-reading the sparrow until we both crawled into bed & slept soundly (though not before i shocked her with static electricity several times trying to kiss her while she was asleep.)

did i say "sex?" i meant "really amazing sex where we kept switching positions & the one we ended up in was weird but really seemed to work. also, we made out alot before the actual coup de gras & did i mention it was fucking spectacular? i'm going to mention another sexual encounter being really great in a little while, & i mean that one was fucking great too, & neither is diminished by both being great- its not like grade inflation or anything."

in the morning, she woke me up being affectionate. & i was really sleepy but then i realized this was morning sex day! so i woke right the fuck up, or at least, up a little more. & we had funny morning sex, where there isn't so much making out because of morning breath, & its all sleepy & muddled. speaking of sleepy, i apparently said something really great to jenny when she was asleep the other night, something sweet & romantic, but fucked if i rememeber- i probably just talked about her being the cutest. on the subway, the craziest mullet?

we met reigh at the hello kitty store in time's square, i followed her footsteps & surprised her, & she was surprised. we played around there just a little bit, & took a picture of me with the badzt-maru dolls, & then we walked to the "subway" bar that we found with kingtycoon & started drinking during the day. gin & tonics, since the bartender was out of the stuff for black russians, & nobody knew what actually goes into a suicide. i suggested "all the diffrent flavours from the soda fountain?" but i was just being silly, though if there was liquor fountain drinks? man, i'd be all "famous rock stars who died from alchohol poisoning, look out! there is a new game in town!"

reigh made jenny & i bunny ears made of ribbon & paper, & i introduced that drawing personality test of roxanne's, which is as always disturbingly acurate. jenny drew a hang-man, a cyclops martian, new york city skyling, & a jack in the box antenae head. reigh drew a castle, a bug, champagne, & fireworks. then we made one of those fortune teller folder paper thingamagigs, but i don't remember all the fortunes on it, which is okay, because i made up most of them. one was actually a tribute to the last one i saw, which dyani had made- it said "you will name your pet _______ robot jr." or something to that effect. reigh also made up some, like "candies shoot out of your head," which jenny got. oh, i also wrote "the forces of darkness like your sense of flair" & put a little pentagram. we also passed the time playing pen the pig, & taking photos. oh, & drinking, & i kept getting us rounds of free drinks. or, a full round & then a free drink, but man, thats mojo. we all wore signs, too, torn out of a magazine; mine said palentologist & had a tyranosaurus rex skull on it, reigh's had four monks on it (probably trappists!) & jenny's was of an execution. oh, speaking of dinosaurs, reigh was trying to disolve one of those styrofoam dinoaur capsules in her drink, but it wasn't working so much, so i put it in my mouth to warm it up.

after that, we went to go find the alice in wonderland statue, & i may have been a baby, but i was hungry & i had to go to the bathroom! so i went to the bathroom in the park anyway, & the girls kept walking so far that i had to sprint to catch up, & i was out of breath. but then jenny found the statue by magic, even though i knew it was going to be magic but didn't say anything. but it was all cold & leeching the heat out of our bodies, so we started playing on the frozen pond. it was jenny's first time on ice ever! which i found hard to fathom, but she'd never even been ice skating before. so we played around knocking each other over for a while (translation: i would knock them over & then lower them to the ground & sometimes i'd turn my back to them & go to the slipperiest part & let them try to knock me over, but they couldn't! which is funny, because my center of gravity is my adam's apple.) we split up around then, because reigh was going to see les miserables, & then jenny & i had great sex again, this time with alot of scratching & ferocious passion. then i turned blanketsexual & started being one hundred (100) degrees warm while i took a nap.

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