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so i talked to doctor (dr.) seeman. & he wasn't being too helpful, kept saying that it was the equipment limiting the number of people in the class. so i was all "i'll come in at other times to use the equipment! i'll sift with my hands! i'll be my own trowl! i'll borrow linda's!" & he was waffling on it; he had me write a letter & let him think about it over night. which i really hope translates into "eventually i'll say 'what the hell, why not'" but if not? maybe i can find some way to get out after a summer session. i told doctor (dr.) seeman in the letter that i am straight out moving to new york in may. no probablys, no estimates. anyhow, while i was there, i talked to linda, & she made room for me in muscular-skeletal with the snap of her fingers. & a glint in her eye, as she told me "we already have..." but i got to interupt her, gleefully clapping "a body! i know! it came on wednesday in a hearse!" which prompted her to start jumping up & down telling me stories about getting it in. we're like a goblin & a harpy cackling over a corpse. only, the corpse in that analogy is actually a corpse, much like el guapo is the actual el guapo.

Poll #94684 the quest stands on the edge of a knife.

will mark seeman allow me into his archeological analysis class (ANTH 38480) thus allowing me to graduate?

sure, he seems decent enough to realize how much you need it.
no way, he's a fucking slime!
sure, you could charm your way into mother theresa's knickers. even before she was dead, too.
not a chance, that guy knows you are an asshole, & he wishes that he was part of the spanish inquisition.

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