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dopplecoop: "how's annie?"

so erica came over bright & early yesterday, after my nonsense run-in with doctor (dr.) meindal. we didn't really do much of anything; we talked about alot of things & played video games & watched legend; her car got towed & we went & got it, & then we made a huge feast & ate it while watching buffy. actually, mostly i talked, about the jenny thing in relation to the steve thing, about how danielle is the most frustrating girl in exsistance. oh, about that one goth girl i dated, because erica was the person i would complain to the most about it- after class like every day i'd be all "i totally tried to break up with her but she tricked me by making it an argument!" or "i can't understand why she thinks its fun for me to walk over in the snow & watch her do homework!" or whatever. & then i laughed about that a whole lot.

& about movies. how i generally like glorified violence in movies, like james bond style explosions & punches to the face; how i don't ususally get excited about "psychological horror" films, like se7en or the silence of the lambs because i can do better than that in my sleep, literally; but how i really like david lynch's violence, because it is brutal, messy, & awful- people might acuse me of writing floridly about violence but that is sort of the point.

she was looking at my mos eisley poster so i showed her the cantina scene & that made her want to watch star wars, so i put that in but before too long it was sleepy time, because we'd been drinking a little bit & it was late. so she fell asleep on the couch & i called jenny, but she was asleep too! but asleep jenny can be really cute. so i fell asleep, & i had bad jenny dreams, but not prophetic or anything. & right now erica just left. so its all goodmorning vietnam on this cornor of sesame street.

when i was a kid, i guess i was pretty gruesome. i was playing with my gi. joes in the sandbox, making tunnels with paper towel tubes & such like. & since these were the trapped viet cong tunnels, they sent tunnel rat in to check them out. so i ripped tunnel rat's legs off saying that he had triggered a tripwire trap. by this time, though, i had figured out the anatomy of the gi joe dolls, how to attach & detach various limbs & parts. so like a little frankenstein, i made the joe team go on an assassination mission against firefly, cut off his legs, & attached them to tunnel rat. but then tunnel rat joined cobra, because in my world, everyone eventually joins cobra.

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