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& the attendant at the gas station smokes while he fills up the tank.

i wake up scared & embarassed, but in a triumph. i was having a nightmare (not that i can remember what was wrong with its picasso face, sliding off the flesh & maggot ridden) & during the struggle i rolled on top of the thing & started biting its face. woke up with my teeth in the pillow, breathing hard from exerting myself.

yesterday consisted of: no progress, no handiness, best buy with jess & then a program about un-liscenced plastic surgery & body modification. i ate some cabbage & noodles with kelbasa at her apartment, & note to self: thats pretty tasty stuff, other than the cabbage. anyhow, i still have all these dirty clothes.

additionally: i gotcha, anthropology ninja!
(now i just have to brave the 5 degree weather.)

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