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i don't understand what was up with my eye. i don't have contacts or something to get lost in it, but that is how it felt. though that stopped, so i forgot i had written one sentence of a livejournal entry at some point in the morning. but anyhow. i feel like a rotted out log inside, but that will be okay after a night's sleep, or will at least diminish. i'm just tired & having been taking care of myself. but in honor of doctor (dr.) martin luther king jr, tommorow i will.

friday i got up at nine to go up to mentor, for a faux christmas. it helps that i also had to pick up my lost luggage from the train station, because it had turned into found luggage. but since we live in the negaverse, the train station is only open five (5) pm to ten (10) am. because wha? i don't even understand. so my mother & i went to the science museaum, because i think science is pretty okay, & that fucking jane goodall imax movie was there. lessons learned at the science museaum include the fact that some of it is kinda fun, but mostly it isn't a museaum at all, but a giant maniac "get kids to like school!" sort of place. like reading rainbow on steroids. the jane goodall thing was alright, & its funny to joke about her being anthropology's page three (3) girl & have no one get it even a miniscule little bit. we left there, but still had an hour & a half to mercilessly kill, so we drove around till we found a chinese place. lessons learned at the chinese food place include the fact that i don't like most dim sum. then i got my suitcase, i watched the extended lotr at my mother's house & we cerimoniously exchanged christmas presents. i met my sister's ex-con boy, & then isaac & i took of thursday's-word.

thursdays was a weird place filled with strangers. but luckily, cortney was there, & i spoke with her, & also oenone showed up so i could harraunge her about making out with that guy! also, alice was there, though sans pigtails, but i lived with it. oh, & my future best-friend, lindsey, for one (1) thing has tattoo of the door to moria on her arm, so that wins, & also made out with alice one time! haha. also, alice is "uncloseted" which means her family found out. we all more less made our way to coleen's afterparty, & some crazy facial hair guy came with lindsey! he was super creepy, so her big sister & i comiserated ove it. then they (lindsey & facial hair) passed out. then there was talking on hardwood floors, & then i passed out. got home around eight. also, the m,inc picture & the burned cds were stolen out of my luggage.

made a muddled & groggy was to kingycoon's new house for dungeons & dragons (d&d). i was really out of it for a while, but sort of rallied eventually. today's adventure was "omfg, gnomes build fucking weird ass traps." like a weird hallway that threw rocks with magnets? or lunatic electrified metal floors that have diffrent reset levels? & also, the strange androids that kill you the rest of the time? nimblewights, in essence, from the fiend folio monsterous manual two (2). even nimblewights with guns, for a minute there. but you would be paranoid too if you were a weapons research & development (r&d) facility, & also, were a paranoid schizophrenic. other things to be said about today: that star wars game is pretty cool when you arn't "giving orders." it also allowed two old men to chase each other around the desert; apparently in the match up, yoda & obi-wan are tougher than the emperor & darth maul. also, orie, quoting me: "can you cast sand to motherfucking paper? CAN YOU!" jesus it sucks being a wizard & not being able to get new spells because you don't have any fucking paper to write them on. i'm this fucking close to making clay tablets. oh, & also, those emisarries of pagnasmol, yeah. they are following me, watching me all the time. me using magic (glimpse of truth) to consult with the ethereal powers:

m (demios): "is relief under assault by the ethereal denizens?"
kingtycoon (things which should not be): "constantly."

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