mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
mordicai caeli

destro <3s the baroness.

there is drama, there is making out, there is sneaking away for naked time. & i wish i could sneak all the way to new york. but the rock & roll kids across the duplex are pretty okay, tris. oh & tris, fuck you for not having much of a livejournal anymore. i send seeton home with srangers, which i feel is fair, since i had to knock on the door of four apartments to find him, & one i just walked into without any to-do. but emily keeps letting me drink her bailey's & vodka, so that is okay. & aaron got that cute girl's number. i will admit, she was a hottie. but you know who is hotter? jenny. i want to call her, but i know i'd just wake her up. but man, i love her. people tonight were all "in three months, you'll be better" to aaron, about his break up. but i was all "man, i took two years, & it wasn't alright." maybe you can chalk that up to jenny & me being inevitable, which i would; maybe you can just talk about how i can't ever let go of something, which these so called "police psychologists" keep on about. i don't know. i can't over look love. & jenny has it. if i would have mentioned next week one more time, i'm pretty sure everyone at the party would have murdered me; extinguisher hijinks & all.

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