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the anthropology ninja strikes again!!
other aliases include: what the motherfuck. if you only have office hours once a week, for a single lonely hour, please at least fucking show up to them. doctor meindal is going experiance my "aggressive negotiations" on the end of a red fucking lightsaber. which translates into "i am going to stalk you, & then snivel, grovel, & knievel (evil)." i really would like it if i could stalk my way into linda's anatomy class: they got a corpse on wednesday!

but i went, & i even stopped myself from, you know, drinking until all my school troubles were a distant mote, the proverbial pea in this prince's bed. or from playing video games, or wasting time on the interweb. or even from the semi-constructive going to the gym & endorphining it into oblivion. i mean, the incident was a total failure, but at least i gave it the old sports night try. i showed up, & i saw what happened. napolean would have laughed, true, but there is this comfort: i could kick his ass.

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