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the bass & the tremble.

lets just say this is a large wooden door. the kind one would find on churches, or funeral homes. see over there, that hinge? that is three (3) o' clock for me, when dr. meindal gets into his office. you see, last semester i made the choice to take my writing intensive course instead of natural selection- which, you know, six of one, half dozen of the other. & yesterday i talked to doctor seeman, & not only is his class full, but it has a waiting list. these are problems because, well, i need those classes to graduate. there are alternate classes, but they arn't fucking offered, apparently because chairman meindal makes mao look like...uh, mao is pretty cool, so maybe it wasn't a very clever analogy, but the point is, some of the classes required havn't ever been offered, since i've been here. but i feel like i can sub in geoarcheogy in that slot; anyhow, it won't really be a problem, they deal with issues like this every day, dr. meindal is a human being who doesn't compulsively talk about swing scenarios in bipedality, etc. right?

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