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so the guy i need to talk to about signing certain documents? is more elusive than osama bin laden. how often is he around. oh, he has posted office hours for one hour a week. swell. on top of that, the secretary (janet) thinks he usually comes in around ten (10) o' clock, but you know, he wanders instead of staying in his office, & she isn't really sure of his schedule. fucking ninjas in the anthropology department. but yesterday i saw xaoc & he & i got all sith lord on the latent problems with school. & since i mention school, & going to it, it can be inferred that i passed japanese. or in laymens terms: i'm fucking invincible. after these things, my roomate was sad because his decade older than him girlfriend broke up with him, so i lined up action. i mean, the best cure for that sort of situation (other than years of exile) is to cruise the scene looking for oppotunities to prove how slutty you are. but at the last minute, he snuck off with carrie. so i went with jess & micah to the gothbar, which is progressively weirder. it was good to go hang out with them, but otherwise unappealing- i was glad to get home & wrap myself up in blankets like a spider eggsack. although that made me miss the hell out of a warm bed (a warm jenny) & being called a blanketsexual (by jenny). though its like: i miss her, but in a decent sort of way, where i feel like she's just around the cornor, & i will see her soon. all of which is true. it is acting almost like a balm on my usual disintrests; its all very weird.

addendum. i was wearing a raiders sweatshirt in the first memory, riding a big wheel & looking up to the sky & seeing what i remember as television antenaes fly over head in a procession for minutes. its because of this that i had a starter jacket in jr. high, not out of sport team affiliation. all said, i need for fucking telepaths to get the fuck out of my head.

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