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girltech....a division of BOYTECH!

so this is what ohio is like. its snowier than i remember. its worse than i thought. i'm making milton berle puns. get me the nineties, stat. so basically, i rode a train. because lets skip right to the train. lets go right over jenny & me, right past that whole margin of time where it was realized i was leaving. where we fumbled our fingers across each others faces, & kept whispering that i'd be back in two weeks.

so the train. which led to me being all vintage porn about the oriental express. its the first time i've ridden a train for more than a little while; for longer than the lirr from long island, to be precise. this train had a dining car, & a lounge, & everything. i ended up talking to the guy next to me, who was an ex-pothead yoga instructor. we talked for who knows how many hours, but i never caught his name. when i say talked, i mean he tried to deconstruct me, & ended up stumped. apologising for projecting. & i wasn't even lying. it got fun when his sleeping pills kicked in, & he got slap happy, & when he left i ended up bonding with the people in the lounge car, drinking a little scotch & eating white castle. oh, but in the muddle luggage was lost, my glasses escaped off my face while i was sleeping & oh yeah, i was robbed.

all said, i now consider myself a "veteran of the rails." its amazing what twelve hours can do to you. & in another twenty four, i should have the errant suitcase back. so it will be like my life never changed, other than being some thirty dollars lighter. wait a minute! i was in a train robbery! thats pretty ace. also, aaron got a playstation two for christmas, so my soul is probably all ready in hock to a couple dozen games.

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