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haroun al-raschid. aka the infamous aaron the upright.

i am okay with reviewers hitting the typical points- like in the one i just read about oz, where the reviewer talked about gender-role reversal. not in the terms of the sex, but in the power assumptions. thats fine. but when they take them as a given, i get annoyed. when the reviewer acts as though anyone who doesn't agree with her is being charmingly naive? i get annoyed. to say that the appeal of oz is the fact that women have power & men are subjugated is just stupid- you may have a point, but to act as though that is a forgone conclusion is ridiculously premature. i agree with her when she points out how odd it is that male cast members have no understanding of it but female cast members are constantly approached by girls about it. but when she starts streaching, i get bothered, because she looses her point in an attempt to make her molehill a mountain. (i have consciously decided that the reviewer was female. there were only initials, so i have made a guess. suck on it.) yes, the men are nude instead of the women, & yes that is diffrent than most tv. but when you start acting as through the rape culture is default for men the world over, i balk. prison is a place to look for gender-relation abnormalties, not the typical. though i mean, i do think it boils down alot of human nature. that is exactly the grr factor. the author says things i want to agree with, but takes it five paces past the nth degree.

anyhow, enough touchy feelie bullshit. that black supremisict who was dying of the hiv & decided to commit suicide through shootout with the cops? man, i don't know who to root for in that story! because dousing all those people with kerosine is pretty cool, but also, being the two girls who kicked his ass is pretty cool, too. also, gq is cool for trivializing hate crimes! also, for showing pictures of the girls where they are all hot. i am going to go with gq as the winner. insidious evil is so great. but also, violent evil is great! & forcing heroism to be violent? thats cool too! man, so much indescsion.

brownian motion in jade. i.e. i wanted to be annoyed with donna for kidnapping the phone forever, but then we bonded over reading gq for the first time, so i can't be!

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