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brak at AA. (aka nightmares when awake? OK!)

(shut up so maybe i finished the tequila)
if you want to know the truth, all of the closets in this apartment are connnected, & lead to the crawl space between the living room & jenny's room. anything could be living in there, but it isn't just anything that lives there. its something fairly specific. jenny says the living room & her room share a wall, but knocking to determine this sounds so far away. but that isn't the issue this morning. but the door is closed & its easier to talk about closed doors than anything else.

but i can listen to the bathtub filling up with water & maybe i'll just go in there to hide. oh but it isn't like i turned on the water. oh it isn't like any of this is the truth. the sword of damocles is an electrical appliance. oh it isn't like that, i assure you. oh it isn't oh it isn't. oh i want my mtv. oh it isn't my wits. oh it isn't, oh it isn't.

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