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the ballad of the dueling honey bees.

"as painful as this may be for you," the government agent said to her, "you need to remember what's at stake." in the closet, she saw him licking the blood of his fingers.

dwarves, who live in a state of perpetual war with the goblins (though it is low level at most times, & tends not to prevent trade), rarely war with other dwarves. thus, conflicts between dwarves tends to be personal if it occurs, & this leads to the traditional greeting being the clasping of forearms, in order to verify that there are no weapons hidden in the other's sleave. human merchants, despite the xenophobic nature of dwarves (or perhaps because of it) took to this greeting, though it has since evolved into what is recognizable as shaking hands.

the people of blaine, who live & mine around the lake formed in the crater from the rock that fell from the sky, are renown for their weapons & above all the quality of their armor. their salute consists of hitting the spot above their heart with the right hand, which derives from the original soldiers of blaine assuring those around them they they were girded for battle.

the elves salute is done by a slighting bowing of the head as the elf kisses the first knuckle of the half-closed fist of their sword-arm. the more formal version of this salute is done by the elf holding their naked blade in their hands & kissing the pommel, though this more elaborate version is only used during ceramonial occasions.

(see, no one goes in for the full plate & vision impairing helm look, so the hand to brow salute never came into exsistance. players, however, may very likely encounter people they might wish to salute or greet, & if a handshake or salute in inapropriate, the suspension of disbelief is jeapordized. so yes, i'm adding funny details, but only so that the world is presented as one with depth, instead of something superficial.)

still coming, coinage & economy. for instance, the vellic confederacy will have both taxes & tithe. the players, being likely to wander, will not have to pay tax (at least, not annually) but will have to pay tithe; tax, you see, is to a city-state, but tithe is to the theocracy that governs them. thus, people will neccisarily have papers, in order to prove their payment, enter cities without hassle from guards, etc. also, the dec-something will be the gold piece equivlent, with the -something being the silver piece, & the actual currency unit. i'm debating over how much trouble i should make it to use currency in other lands. i have a feeling that the coinage from blaine & elven coin will be exceptable nearly anywhere, because both are backed up with pretty strong standards, mithral & blaine's metal. though i don't really know much about economics- i should watch the wizard of oz again.

i'm also having issues with trade routes- in large part because i don't know what people would be trading, on a practical level. so i'm going to get kingtycoon's help with that. if i owned the game civilization i would be able to get some help from that. i can do the easy things; i know fabric of quality comes from alade (& especially from the elves that live there) as do spices, honey & candles come from the goblins, as do matches & mushrooms. dwarves trade in the predictable dwarven goods, so thats pretty easily taken care of. sion is big in the market of trading tutors (to sharn-hu, specifically) & in perishable crops & fish. sharn-hu is probably in furs. but i get stumped easily- i need a list of things likely to be traded, so i can just sort of assign them. it isn't like my trade routes are going to be under intense scrutiny by players desperate to play level 15 merchants.

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