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evenings in crates like peaches being shipped.

the winter ended up getting to jenny today, leaving her feeling depressed & awful. the day started out lazy- it was her day off, so we were maybe just going to spend the morning watching television & lying on the floor together. that was going well, until eventually things just turned into her discontent. we took a bath together, bringing candles & the dvd player into the bathroom, setting up a nice little fortress, washing each other's backs. &, like all my baths with jenny, the water was cold- this is funny when you think back to last winter, in her apartment with no heat, & us taking baths while we boiled water, pouring the boiling water in, just to keep warm. anyhow, everything seemed good in the tub, which made things weird when she was still depressed when she got out. see, i am able to be heroic for her when she is this way, but for the first little bit, i get weird too. it isn't about me, but i just have to let that sink in, you know? but then i get good. we ended up enacting scenes of minor villiany, & after i accidentally channeled bill cosby's ghost, i did funny accents that made her laugh so hard that kira & donna heard in the next room.

though, fuck. she started crying & one point & was all "i thought you liked it when girls cry." & i do, but only when i make them do it. & not so much her. which led to me treating it poorly. i mean, i didn't even get the kissing of her tears away on. what was that all about, that was awful. she was apologising for being that way, & told me to go to see the fit with illscientist if i wanted. which is silly, because what i want is to be with her.

when she woke me up this morning to say bye, i was having a nightmare, & the look on my face was probably priceless. so, debs has a cd for me, if i am willing to come into the city again to get it from her. i have time to think about it, since she works for a while & not till later. oh; also, we looked at pictures from once upon a time. some of them are awfully silly.

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