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i think just as a matter of personal ideology, i should let it be known that if kurt cobain had married liz phair instead of cortney love, the world would be a better place & their rock & roll magic would have resurected elvis.

early, jenny threw pans of water, trying to get a splash in my open fly. i then laid down in the water, rolling around, screaming that i was moistened towlet boy, & that i was quilted for her comfort. then i took of my costume (tm) & we watched more buffy dvd. i can't get enough of that part where spike killed the annointed one. that was great. & that girl in the bronze, during "incan mummy girl?" yeah, she was totally wearing an america bikini.

then jenny had to take a shower, but wtf? so i snuck in the shower, & maybe sneakily convinced her that having sex was a good idea. i was down on my knees, which may have affected her descicion. so we came into her room, & i went down on her & the wet spot is still there! it was big. when i saw it (read: rolled into it) i was pretty proud of myself. then i did the whole "use me to get yourself off" thing, & we came at the same time. we do that alot, the cumming at the same time; i don't know if its the whole sound thing, or the maybe muscular things she does down there when it happens, or you know, destiny or whatever. anyhow, then i ate my fishsticks.

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