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bill nye the science guy.

here i am at illscientist's house. jump, illscienst, jump! rock, illscientist, rock! & also, there are fighting robots- my phantasy star online guy is a girl, yo! she's real hot, except for that whole she-looks-like-a-girl-i-dated or whatever thing. but also, she looks like a fucked up android maid! which is fucking hot. if illscientists character could fuck my character? well lets just say. lets just say.

we went out to the so-called bowling alley for pitchers & good ole nine pins. & man, i am apparantly a fucking savant of the bowling! i kept knocking all the pins over with one roll. because the helpa the foces of evil, like. the scoring was all screwy, because the computer had been drinking, but otherwise i'm sure i'd have triumphed. or at least had a high number. go scoring!

um, then we were drinking a little bit. & there were underage girls & the one was all "oh, i wanna suck mambo's dick!" secretly to me. only she said it in girl code, which meant that it sounded like whining & bitching & she probably said feelings. so when the underage girls were like "we've got to go to our highschool dance!" or whatever, i called them on the cell phone & i said "girl a, you have to have the sex with jofus. girl b, you get to have mambo time!" & i totally think that mambo is the winner of the twins, since the girl i was assigning to him was much more attractive than the ghetto-booty other girl. but man, i wrote "ghetto-botty" the first time, & i want a ghetto bot!

julie keeps getting her goofy grin on. she says its her normal face, but me, i'm thinking its a goofy grin face. oh, & i wanted to take a photo of illscientist & me with black magic marker on our faces spelling out "DEVIL" but then instead, no.

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