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Login successful. Hello, mimeCop!

phantasy star online: $49.99
jacob's well bourbon: $20.00
19 year old hairspray jersey girls?


thank you internet for allowing me to not say this outloud, yet to still be appropriately appalled. we stole the illscientist from work (julie: "do you have any black tar heroin?" m: "where are your role playing books?") "jofus? did you give him twice the conscience by being born without one?" etc. girl: i have a sister, she looks like a twin. m: do you make out with her? (notice. progressively less context or quotation marks). also, jofus is ziggurat & mambo doesn't have a livejournal? also, suitably appalled. first night out without jenny! i'm a bachelor = underage girls. best part of that joke? the underage girls.

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