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m: "do you stop going to mcdonalds just because mayor mccheese can't control the hamburglar?
jenny: "yes. i hate perps."
m: "but what is ronald mcdonald supposed to do!? he's just a clown. he can't stand up to a hardened felon like the hamburglar."
jenny: "yeah, he's too busy fighting cancer."

so i'm really glad i enterered "i hate perps" into the common lingo here. when i go to ohio i'm going to see if the "i'm a subway genius" thing can be worked in somehow, maybe with the subtraction of the subway part?

jenny & i stopped at the bar on bleaker in order to have a drink, which we did while i entertained her with stories of childhood mischief. we came home, bought some guiness from the gas station, & locked ourselves in her room. can i just take a moment here? i feel like what followed was better than the challanger explosion. we started fooling around, but she wasn't ready to move quite directly towards sex, so we just lay opposed to each other, naked, one hand on one another & a beer in the other hand, for quite a while. then we had sex, she came, & i was all "i could do this for another one hundred years." (i couldn't be witty, since, you know, no blood to run my brain.) so we decided on this course of action. she got up, ran to the fridge, got us more beer, & then came back. she probably set some kind of guiness record on that sprint- she ran right past david & back before you could say "hey why are you already in your nightgown?" then right as she got back foreverbeingnow called us up, rather close by to where jenny lives. so i talked to her briefly while jenny gave me a blow job. then jenny & i had sex again, & then we got dressed, gave julie directions on how to get here, & then met up with her.

the rest of the evening? hm. i'll blur the lines, since we all got a little blurry. there were toasts, there were shots of tequila & there was more beer. me, jenny, julie, aviva, & david. a little vingette involves me saying that i know aviva is a deep sleeper, with her & david confused why i know, & jenny laughing. since she & jenny were roomates once upon a time, & there was a little enflagrante delicto that went on, dig? david brought out his bowl because thats a little more his speed, & managed to get jenny to smoke weed with him. which, you know, i didn't neccisarily support, since she has said that she gets really anti- social when she is high with a group of people. she maybe thought i didn't approve so much out of my general hypocritical stance on drug use (re: i don't like it when jenny does drugs so much. & i don't do them so much. the end. there is no dogma, no ideology, not even an explanation. i have no idea of the whys & wherefores of my opinion) & she was all nice & was seeing if it was going to make me weird, which i said no, since i don't mind when she does drugs if i'm there. i know, it doesn't make sense. since she was drunk, jenny thought she would be fun from the drug. end result? jenny gets anti-social, puts her head in my lap (i can't get enough of that. she becomes anti-social, but not from me? that's so good) & then ends up going to sleep in her bed dead to the world, with her clothes on. i stayed up with julie after david & aviva went to bed, she threw up, & while i was making fish sticks & french fries, passed out on the couch. so, little old me cleaned up a little, ate my late night snack, & then crawled into bed with a jenny spread out over it like kudzu, found a spot, curled up & fell asleep.

also. julie has a sister born four months early who looks like sloth! from the goonies sloth- "baby ruth!" sloth! how great is that to know. & jenny got st. john's wort, so i hope that helps.

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