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so i met up with debs today, after she got off from working at st. marks books. i havn't seen her in years & years, what with me not being in the city & her gallavanting across the globe. we went to a sushi joint to drink sake & breeze about conversationally. its always nice to talk to debs in the flesh- we got along quite well flip side, as it were, but dub side we just clash. our computer usage styles just do not jive, & conversations tend to result in aggravation. anyhow, over sake talking was a cake walk, & we apparently are just so radical that the sushi chef kept bringing over free sushi for us. the place is shiki kitchen, on 135 1st avenue, between st.marks & 9th, & is dressed to the nines in sushi chef oyakata-san's oragami, including folded paper characitures of presidents. maybe my fumbling japanese helped win him over. a little. & deb's being korean. he gave me a menu & told me to come back, & maybe i will. in other news, a brooklyn based company makes "neighborhoodies" & makes mentor, ohio ones but not ones for jenny's neighborhood in brooklyn. which is funny, right? thats the power of suburbia.

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