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but i do like jokes about hellen keller.

first thing- why hasn't bruce campbell ever been the guest villian &/or grizzeled demon-hunting veteren on buffy the vampire slayer? because without him & rami, the whole genre of horror with humor (versus horror as humor) would be in the cinematographic equivilent of the dark ages. that said, man what is the deal with bubba ho-tep? film festival people have seen it, & isn't that supposed to mean that i get to see it soon too?

second thing- the first dream i half remember from last night was about me & pilesofyogurt. no, i mean, that was the focus of the dream, about us being friends again. there was a huge mall, maybe, so big that we had to sleep in a tent in the parking lot, trying to get between stores. & there was probably a carnival. which can only mean one thing. thats right, carnie folk. the second dream had me & sparrowhills which probably means that things went very badly for everybody else. you know how these things go.

third thing- its weird how wake-up sex is completely diffrent from other sex.

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