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hand me my nose ring!

say castigate & i say malake habbalah. i say hive of heaven is a prestige class, & so it bene elohim. anti-paladin, etc, blaine consul, goblin dead eye, the dispossesed, the fighters of sharn, the old firm, the knights of the kerub order, stalkers of the malevolent clockwork, vault-delvers. elves in spurs. children playing with red cheeked toy soldiers, growing up & meeting the actual soldier. now what i need to do is raid other books for prestige class perks & cute names- i'm thinking wraith is good place to start for finding nice, juicy words. also i should probably look through the various d&d books for their prestige classes. its just that i realized, especially after playing in kingtycoon's newest hundred worlds campaign, how much enjoyment tailor made pretige classes can add, & how much they assist in the suspension of disbelief, in a way. they lend a more organic feel to the level progression, & by tying them to an organization it makes more sense to be narrow as they are. i mean, a beseacher of pagnasmol or a graver is a thing you could actually say you were- but not so much a rouge, you know? which is why if i was a rouge i'd maybe say "scout" or "cat burglar" or something of that sort. i've also been thinking of fighting styles, distinctive weapons. falchions, kukri & javelins in sharn-hu, rapiers & shruiken in alade. the guisarme is popular in many of the city-states of the vellic confederacy, but the household guards of the brewers in holbein use scythes. the elite troops of sion use double bladed swords, some in light armor, others in heavier. elves of course prefer longswords, & paladins also use swords. goblins use their composite bows & scimitars; dwarves living near the surface use axes, while deeper dwarves prefer hammers. the current regime in power in sheham prefers flails, but the traditional weapons have always been lighter swords, the best forged of magically hardened glass by the native dwarves. & so on, & so on. i still need help with lines of trade- whale oil, bees wax & honey, spices & poisons, fish & grain, cloth, etc. & for everything, names. i have such a hard time coming up with names. now that i've got a sense of things, though, the depth is starting to come. the good old shepards vs. farmers conflict? that would be sharn-hu & sheham, once upon a time. just thinking these thoughts.
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