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in summation. bardot & i met at dojo's for lunch, ordered the same thing, swung by st. mark's bookstore. i didn't see debs, we went up to the 96th & lexington library where jenny works & then wendy left- jenny & i went to the met, i bought her horse postcards & incredibly tiny shoe for my mother's xmas present. then we came back, watched episodes of buffy from the first season, jenny made me a tuna curry sandwich, toasted to tolkien's eleventy-first birthday at nine o' clock, kira & her parents came in from dinner & jenny & i moved into her room, then we got really sleepy & i dreamt about fistandantilus & the jedi temple. when we woke up i tried to convince her that puerto rico had voted to become a state, but she wasn't buying it. now i'm drinking super bitter espresso. the end.

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