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When fatbutts invited me to her bachelorette party, I was basically like, "uh...depends?" I have no problem being the lone guy, but depending on the activity, I can't imagine it being fun for anyone being the one husband on a girl's-night-out. Luckily, Jennifer & her new squad-- Yassmina, Lauren & Lilly, though she obviously didn't help-- planned the event, so I got the best of both worlds. During the day, we kayaked the East River, from Long Island City to DUMBO & back, & then everyone else went out to party & I came home. I got adventure & curmudgeon in one fell swoop; that's my idea of a good time. Lilly & Megan's kayak dumped them in the East River! Or well, the wake from a ferry capsized their kayak while they were launching from DUMBO. I got my underwear soaked on a crashing wake-wave coming in, myself. It really reminded me of Cleveland-- something about paddling small boats on a Super Fund river past abandoned factories, I guess. The Squad made shirts for the event: "Pizza Rolls Not Gender Roles." (Photo below by Lilly.)

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