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What the What.

Still busy with work-think & thus absent from a lot of social life. I'm trying to make a concerted effort to fix that, with more no-obligation couch hangouts (which Terra & I rule at, & makes me sad she's gone) with Matt & Nicole, & seeking out someone to run an RPG campaign where I can be a player, which is another void in my life these days. Christine at work says she's going to run Pathfinder-- yay! I'm going to play a human occultist with an elongated cranium, a pyschic third eye, who uses a green glass ball as a divination focus & learned to make goetic amulets while he was training in bootcamp to be a member of the Chellaxian hellknight's Order of the Gate, where he also picked up his martial proficiencies. Ideally I think I want something that balances out Oubliette, firms up the schedule while sharing the burden, so to speak, the way Mike's Oisos campaign did. & Scott's! Anyhow, it was New York Comic Con, & I didn't take any interesting pictures at all, really, but Jennifer joined the Lambs Club Club this time & got a taste-- literally-- of why it's hard not to come home in your cups. Dionysus wept for joy.
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