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I won't go to Cabaret again just to see Emma Stone, but, well, Jennifer got us tickets to go see Hedwig & the Angry Inch with John Cameron Mitchell reprising the eponymous role. So did onatopofthings, ranai, & Dennis! I was really unhappy pre-show; the bar was too hot, I wasn't hungry, I was sleepy, waahwaah wanna baabaa. That ended pretty much as soon as the first note rang out. We saw Hedwig with Neil Patrick Harris, so the comparisons are an easy tool to describe the show. Mind you, none of this is meant to be backhanded; both ruled, but they were very different. NPH...we all know that guy is a superpowered showbiz phenom. Of course he climbed around the stage in six inch heels & did all kinds of energetic stunts. JCM is 50...& also clamboring around the stage & throwing the microphone. Neil Patrick Harris is a drama kid done good who hit all the big numbers; John Cameron Mitchell has punk credentials that make the edges of the show sharp. Also, & this is the movie & the soundtrack talking, I know, but JCM just sings the songs correctly. Not to mention that John Cameron Mitchell is actually transgressive & when stuff gets dark...he does dark & unlikable. was much more of a love story between Hedwig & Yitzhak this time. I don't know, it all seems so different than when NPH did it, but Jenny says I'm imagining most of the differences. It was...really great, worth seeing, worth re-seeing. Heck, Ryan is even going again tonight. So yeah. Hedwig is problematic & important to me & John Cameron Mitchell is the...well, the speck of dust at the center of the pearl. (Jennifer accidentally took the above photo of yours truly.)
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