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We went to go see Into the Woods last night, the Roundabout deconstructed one. I knew nothing going in. I mean, I knew literally zero a while ago: I thought Into the Woods the movie was new, was a Disney attempt to cash in on Wicked, thought the fairytales were overtly the Disney versions. Midway through, Jennifer was like "you know this is just intermission" & it "clicked" that I knew a little bit more about it, that I'd heard about the second act before. Also, we were late thanks to treasonous GPS, & were in the back row for the first half, then our tickets were actually for the front row so we saw the second half from there. So, I mentioned that the stage & performance are deconstructed; from the back, you could see the big picture, see them shuffling around & playing secondary parts & doing foley work. Up close you couldn't, the illusion became entirely different without being able to see behind it. A fun perspective switch. The Baker's Wife, Jessie Austrian, was the co-artistic director, along with Noah Brody, who played the Wolf & Prince Charming & was the other artistic director, were the best parts. I caught 'em eyeballing each other throughout the play & was like "they are either method acting or totally doing it," & lo & behold they are married. Aw, now that is a fun behind-the-scenes love secret. Oh you know what, I'm lying; as much as I liked them, Andy Grotelueschen was the show-stealer. He played the cow, Milky White, & Rapunzel's Prince. Super duper funny, & I kept thinking I've seen him in Twelfth Night in some park production or another...but I'm pretty sure I'm lying about that too. Maybe I just recognized him from The Good Wife. Did I mention Jenny mainlined that show so I saw about half of it?
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