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#TorDnD: Amarith...Tenebrosi?

You know, I think this is the first time I've ever fought an ettin. It's neat to get a crack at the classics! I'm an Enchanter, so a fight with a bunch of wolves-- immune to the spells that require a mind or a humanoid target-- & a two headed giant who gets to roll twice to resist, once for each head? Forced some interesting tactical decisions. Tim, the DM, was remarking on how our fairly random distrobution on the map was the sort of accidental chaos that presented more interesting strategic choices. Don Seignour Pantalone, my tiefling wizard, was suddenly pinned between a couple of direwolves & the mutant giant & I ended up using my back-up sub-specialty, Abjuration. I rope-a-doped some attacks-- thanks mage armor, shield, et al-- & the elf monk, Scott's character Kal-Ra & Irene's human ranger Wren finished off the giant, while Jonathon's half-elf paladin killed a dire wolf & scared the other one away with help from Columbine, my characters adopted tiefling rogue daughter. Sam had to bow out of the game, but Carl has taken up his place as the healer with his half-elf cleric, Domin Farwander. Our half-elf paladin worships the elven god of trickery, & our half-elf cleric worships the human god of trickery. This could be fun.

I'm a bit ahead of myself. So two sessions ago we found a key in Wulgreth's possession with a creepy crest of a raven on it. Finally, our investigations into it have borne fruit! At the library Pantalone found all about the now-probably-extinct noble house the Tenebrosi (except for a possible lost heir...) & their last parcel of property; Kal-Ra found out about weird necromancy tree rituals-- as he's searching for a magic seed, it's right up his alley. Given the attack last session I think these issues might be related; the assassin who escaped might be Amarith wul Nariyial-- I wonder if Wulgreth is actually a "wul Greth"?-- & that Amarith might be the lost heir. There is mention of creepy evil wizard journals, my absolute favorite kind of treasure, but they were...gasp, stolen! Following the glues to the abandoned property & using the key netted up some other treasure, though: 23 PP, 138 GP, 1233 SP, 345 CP, a 4th level scroll of magic missile, a cloak of antivenom that grants advantage against poison that Domin claimed & a +1 longsword that Agweyn was born to wield. & more clues! Discussion of a pet-- maybe the wyvern we killed?-- & an allusion to ruins. There were three; we guessed wrong on the first two, facing an ettin & then a necromancer & his gang of wights, ghouls & zombie ogres.
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