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La Historia Verdadera y Secreta del Paraíso: El Mundo de los Dinosaurious.

The Dinosaur Lords by Victor Milán.

But did I mention
knights riding on dinosaurs?
The best selling point.

I won't say much about this, since we're pretty far out from it, & frankly, I don't think I need to say anything about it. There are knights riding on dinosaurs. That's the pitch; I didn't need any more. It has been called a cross between Jurassic Park & Game of Thrones, which is pithy, but carries a bit more weight when you realize that the person who said it is George R. R. Martin. The world Or I imagine it is; it very much strikes me as a terraformed world with human colonists. The gravity, the oxygen levels, the fact that it is all dinosaurs besides humans, dogs & a few key other domesticated animals, & the fact that there are religious texts that appear to be lists of Latin names for dinosaur species all point that way. Or you know, a simulated universe; same difference, in the end. None of this talks to the plot, which I leave for you to discover. Suffice to say, there are dinosaurs, & knights riding them, & then at the end a short play in the style of Gene Wolfe's "Eschatology and Genesis" in The Book of the New Sun. Plus there are a lot of feathers & a very...Spanish influence on the story. We talk about non-Western fantasy a lot; this is Western fantasy, but you don't really see it's sort. Not to mention that "Spanish" is a complicated identity issue; I can't help but see a lot of Mesoamerica & South American in here. The climate & the fashion-- feathers, so many feathers!-- sort of demands it. I liked this book. It has knights riding on dinosaurs in it.
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