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"don't go to sleep i want to talk about math." (31; 9:22)

Texts from Jane Eyre by Mallory Ortberg.

"I drew you something!"
"Wow, is it horrifying?"
"Uh, I'm William Blake."

Every so often I find out that we're publishing someone who I really, really want us to publish, like when I found out we were putting out-- or, err, distributing, or whatever, I don't want to get "industry" here-- Tavi Gevinson's Rookie compilations. This is another big win, if you ask me. Ortberg is, frankly, hilarious. You probably know that already. I found out about her with her "Text Messages from a Ghost" series, so this book is a natural fit for her style. There is only so much you can say about something like this-- what, you want me to go through & explain the jokes?-- but I do have a few notes. One, the René Descartes chapter was my favorite. Two, I laughed out loud on the train, which is always a good sign; I think the last time that happened was Surface Detail. Three, Ortberg has a knack for hitting the reference "just so." That is, if you actually know what she's talking about, it is very, very funny...but even if you haven't read the book (or whatever) that she's spoofing, she's a light enough touch that your general pop culture knowledge will give you enough context to chuckle along, & I suspect that even if you were completely in the dark bits would be funny because it is, well, funny.
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