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Brother Cadis Fly. (30; 9:21)

A Morbid Taste for Bones by Ellis Peters.

The crown & crosier:
neither really care about
framers & poachers.

Between battling insomnia & being sick, I haven't been drunk in a minute, but last night's book club sure fixed that, yeah buddy. Roll call, before I forget: Liz, then carmyarmyofme, then Rasheem, & of course fordmadoxfraud on the teleconference since it was his pick, then a little late we got Beatrice & fatbutts. So I'm a little hung over this morning! I haven't felt like this in a while, it is almost novel, while familiar at the same time. Anyhow, moving on to the book. This was David's pick, his third after Novel with Cocaine & Christie Malry's Own Double-Entry (Edit: Jenny has informed me that David also picked The Dispossessed, not Kerry; good job, that book is one of my all-time favorite books ever). I powered threw it on Saturday, mostly, after having put it off because it was thin & then being surprised by its density. It isn't a slog but it certainly isn't a page turner, either; I don't quite know how to describe the book's character. Welsh? That's cheating. Still, it has a surprising complexity to the prose that is hard to put my finger on. Anyhow, let's keep this moving; I'm behind on book blurbs & I need to step it up. So, I found this to be a natural follow-up to Hild; whereas Hild is all about the promotion of the Roman church in order to provide a bridge between the Angles & the British, this is about...the church as a bridge between the Normans & the Welsh centuries later. Carmen thinks that's just because I'm not exposed to a lot of British history, & that's fair, but that's how I viewed it anyhow! So, the biggest complaint from the group was that it was too "pat," that everyone ends up paired off & the mystery is solved with all the loose ends tied up...which I found a weird complaint because....right. Yes, that's what happened, isn't that why we all read this book? Isn't the sales pitch "a mystery where all the loose ends get tied up & everyone get paired off?" I mean, I agree, Cadfael is a bit of a Marty Sue with his whole "well I was an adventurer & a hero & I totally slept with a ton of women before I was a monk, & I'm good at everything," sure. It read, to me (& Rasheem agreed) very "pulp," & reminded me of the Appendix N series I did. A parting note; I didn't realize this was a female author writing under an ambiguous pseudonym until halfway through the book, when I looked at the author bio. Liz had mentioned that the author described the men in the way women are usually described in books, & that's what put the thought in my head.
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