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Oubliette: Auction Summary.

In the midst of the insomnia from my shoulder, I fell behind on Oubliette. Both running it & recording it, since I ran a session that fell through the cracks. I've also written a great big post that I made private because it ended up containing too many spoilers. So you know what I think I'm going to do? I'm going to spit this post out in tiny, bite-sized morsels. I'll write up whatever little bit I feel like, & then write up the rest later, until it's all finished. I should be talking about the Blue Koi Society, for instance, but I'd rather talk about the very, final-most tally of the auction, after our heroes & villains finish conspiring in the epilogue. Actually, those dovetail together, & the story ends in personal rewards, which means pretty pictures, so here we go! I'll use some of the "b-sides" of the image posts (of which I have no source or provinance & a reverse Google Image look-up came up empty) for everyone's rewards to punch it up; I know they'll be out of context, but this record keeping is worthwhile on its own, just to see where each canopic jar ended up, & where everything ended up after the backroom doors sealed, before Iroha took them away on a surprise, secret Lung heavier-than-airship. An ironclad zepplin!

Red Skull: (Goro -> Goldur for five years tutelage)
Black Frog: (Goro -> Kitsune for marriage)
White Scarab: (Goro -> Kitsune for marriage) (Kitsune -> Shogun for marriage)
Black Scarab: (Goro -> Kitsune for marriage)
Red Lion: (Goro -> Kitsune for marriage) (Kitsune -> Shogun for marriage)
Black Lion: (Goro -> Kitsune for marriage) (Kitsune -> Shogun for marriage)
White Falcon: (Goro -> Lung for castle)
Green Scarab: (Goro -> Masui for Black Sutra)
Black Skull: (Goro -> Kitsune for 550,000 mon) (Kitsune -> Shogun for marriage; Lung pays off sum)
White Skull: (Goro -> Kin for 500,000 kane) (Kin -> Lung for 1 major tech or 10 minor)

Five years of tutelage from Goldur for the Red Skull.
The Black Sutra from Masui for the Green Scarab.
The Gates of Yomi from the Lung for the White Falcon.
500,000 in kane from the Kin Zaibatsu for the White Skull.
550,000 in mon from the Kitsune (& Lung) for the Black Skull.
Goro o-Kitsune for the Black Frog, White Scarab, Black Scarab, Red Lion, Black Lion.

Goldur bint Agrat:
Red Skull for five years of tutelage.

Green Scarab for Black Sutra.

Kin Zaibatsu:
One piece of major tech or ten minor from Lung for White Skull (for 500,000 kane)

House Kitsune:
Red Lion from Goro for marriage to Amina.
Black Lion from Goro for marriage to Amina.
Wreckage from Goro for marriage to Amina.
Marriage to Lung for Black Frog, Black Scarab, Black Skull, White Scarab.

White Falcon from Goro for Gates of Yomi castle.
Black Skull from Kitsune for marriage to Haru (Haru's overbid paid by Lung).
Black Frog from Kitsune for marriage to Haru
Black Scarab from Kitsune for marriage to Haru
White Scarab from Kitsune for marriage to Haru.
White Skull from Kin for 1 major or 10 minor technologies.

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