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No God, No King, No Country. (27; 9:18)

Froi of the Exiles by Melina Marchetta.

Tongue-twisters, word games
& well, etymology.
The little moments.

Ugh, as I got closer to the end of this book, I started to suspect the worst: despite being a doorstop, there wasn't going to be an ending. Lo & behold...there wasn't. So first things first; I liked this better than the first book, but not as much as what I'd say it's nearest comparison is, Bitterblue. "I heard you like sad in your sad?" This book is one big trigger warning; it is a story of rape survivors, & without wanting to sound cavalier about it, pretty much every major character has been raped, including the men. Consequences of war, of prison, & of...a curse that makes the whole country institutionalize the rape of young girls. So it is...pretty bleak! & also driven by the same tropes I dislike, like romantic tension fueled by over-the-top willful miscommunication & plot points "foreshadowed" by drowning them in dramatic irony. I like the book though; it overcomes those flaws. I mention them specifically because even though this is a bit of a brick, the book doesn't "break" in the middle on them. You know, the moment where the characters all go "ohhhh!" about the twist or the misunderstanding? For example, basically everyone is a secret twin, too? Or characters who have racial or gendered biases & need to get over them, those arcs are dragged out, too. Get it together! As I got closer & closer to the end I was like, "oh man, this is just going to be a cliff hanger." & it was. Which I'm grumbling about, not actually critical of; that's the author's choice, but now I'm left unresolved. The sales guy in me is okay with it though-- drive some customers to the conclusion while it is still in hardcover! What I like best about the series is the sense of history, out of the grasp of the characters. There is a world, they are just living in it. Things like religion, which might seem like set dressing to the non-religious characters, actually matter a great deal & have a pretty tight mythopoeic core. Also I like spooky weird female the fact that one finally gets to be the star of the next book makes it that much more appealing, after the last two.
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