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Booze Will Have Booze, They Say.

Last night we went to go see Drunk Shakespeare for Jennifer's birthday. A lot of fun, first off-- the gimmick is quite simply that one of the actors gets wasted & then the troupe does improvisational Shakespeare scenes. In our case, the ever popular Macbeth. They auctioned off the Throne, a seat at the center of the bar complete with champagne & caviar, so we bought it & sat up there. Meaning Jenny got her throat slit-- remember, Macbeth-- complete with a red velvet bib of blood. Much laughter & flirting & drinking. Lots of flirting; people were very taken with Jennifer. Not a lot of eating; I ordered a shepherd's pie but didn't get a chance to dig in. At the time I was busy watching the show, but I regretted it this morning when I realized I'd been drinking on an empty stomach. Oopsie daisy! I got Jenny the stuff to make her own umbrella with for her birthday; I felt like that was up her alley. A necklace & a floppy hat, too. Otherwise life is pretty relaxed, with one major exception: we're been in a war with our landlord & our super about fixing the ceiling. How long would you think it would take to do that? How many half-days would you think you have to take off work to get it done? The arm is getting better. Not that you'd know it, but I can tell.
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