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I AM SHACKLETON. (11; 4:7)

Shackleton by Nick Bertozzi.

"Hvem er du," huh?
Oh, I'll tell you who I am:

I mean, I really like Antarctica, I really like comics, & I sort of like history; what's not to like here? The Kate Beaton quote on the back should be all the urging you need. What can I really add, except perhaps to say that the heart of Antarctic exploration is the almost extra-terrestrial nature of it, which Bertozzi captures, & the sheer bloody Lovecraftian absurdity of it. You could be playing soccer on an ice flow & suddenly have to worry that you are being hunted by orcas; nature is red in tooth & claw & so are you: like space rockets discard their fuel tanks as they climb into the heavens, you will ride your dog sled & kill & eat the dogs along the way. Cold & brutal. Recently Alexander Skarsgard & Harry Wales were racing to the South Pole & they had to call it off; the race part, I mean. They still made it, but their press release charmed me a lot, they were like "due to the fact that this is way more brutal than we could have imagined, even with the full force of infinite money & technology, we still can't afford to screw around playing games." Cracked me up, anyhow, but then, I'm also the kind of guy who follows current events in Antarctica. Anyhow, I really liked this book & it is great as a visual reference, as I'll show you below. Makes me think this would be a good teaching aid.

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