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Ratatosk, Skald subclass. (5; 3:2)

Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard Volume Two by David Petersen, et al.

Crown of insect scales,
almost my favorite, but then:
the ghost of an owl!

Another Mouse Guard anthology to enjoy. My feelings on the Guard are pretty clear: super awesome. The Black Axe was one of my favorite books last year. My favorite is Jemma Salume's ghost story, though to be fair, if you had asked me to guess who I would like best, I would have guessed Salume. Oh, speaking of, random note; since this is an anthology, I wasn't going to count it for or against my plan for reading half women writers, but with Salume as the only woman, I'm counting it as a boy's club pick. Eric Canete * Cory Godbey, & like them a lot as well, & that is reflected in their stories. There is a lot of great stuff here; I think I liked the first Legends of the Guard better but I enjoyed this plenty. Not as good as the "real thing," but it has other virtues like, Stan Sakai! & knowing a little about his real world situation makes me wonder about what other personal touches & easter eggs might be in the frame story...
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