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Shout out to the old ladies who disengaged me from the homeless guy I was getting ready to wrestle, less props to the MTA guys on the train who didn't do anything, but heck, they aren't cops & they at least acknowledged that I played it cool. So that is how my morning started, with the trains all screwed up (I guess from a mechanical problem) & then a homeless person shoved me as I tried to get onto the train & then followed me on. The best I could come up with was "don't make a problem." It wasn't working though, but then the ladies tugged on the hem of my coat & indicated that I should move toward the middle of the car, like "what are you doing, that isn't working, this guy is crazy, just walk away." Which was obviously the correct course of action, but when I get all adrenalined up my brain gets rational but not smart. Like, it tries to work through things in a logical way, but in the most backwards & circuitous route possible. Anyhow, that isn't even actually how my day started; it started with me waking up at 5:30. Because that is how my internal clock works now. "Middle of the winter, pitch black? Who cares, cock-a-doodle-doo!" (Important sidebar: wait, spellcheck wants to correct that to "cock-a-doodle-dew?" What?! Oh, it is probably just spellchecking the parts separated by hyphens separately. Nevermind.) So I had just enough time to get up, get a ton of souls, & die stupidly twice in a row, losing them to the Abyss. Oh! & my Twitter got hacked! I changed my password & tried to clean up my third-party access, but I'm still paranoid that it is compromised. I'm on a roll today. At least last night was a nice Television Night with special guest elladorian! Beauty & the Geek Australia season one, which I watched when I was sick but remember very little of.
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