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America's 2014th Birthday.

New year, I guess, at least by the popular calendar I use. So here is what is up with that: on New Year's Eve I ran some errands with Liz in the morning, errands of hers, since we'd put them off till then on my laziness/insistence/playing Dark Souls & my bank was closed. So Liz! She's my new friend. We both have the sort of social disconnect/hyper-connect that leads me to joke about being on the sociopath spectrum; in this case it means that we met at Katie's birthday last year & we were like "oh this drunken conversation is fun, let's hang out all the time," & then we did. Picture: tiny, mohawk. Or whatever you call a wide mohawk; I'm sure there is a name. Maybe it is more accurate to say the sides of her head are shaved. Whatever, I'm not going to fall down a Wikipedia hole on haircuts. Anyhow, we tried to get a fun lunch, but it was freezing & everywhere was closed, so we ended up at some little Italian joint in Carroll Gardens & then I walked which point Jennifer & I went over to Kira & Nino's for their New Year's Eve party. Frank & Donna are visiting from Oxford-- it was their wedding in San Francisco-- & I was like "oh, Donna's new nickname is "Beans." Ian & Jessica joined us; I've met them a few times before. They are like a good champagne together; he's dry, she's bubbly. Seriously dry; when Ian mentioned birthing a new science into the world, I was like "I'm pretty sure this is going into the humor zone, but given Frank's academic work & Donna's academic life there is a chance this could be legit." Well, as legitimate as Popstrology. Also, they are not used to Kira's cooking; as the child of a family of chef's, Kira usually brings some intense game to the table, but for holidays? Get out of here, of course she goes all out, of course there is another course. & then when she was finally finished-- except dessert-- she was like "Frank & Donna helped me in the kitchen." & I was like "Frank & who?" & she realized I was talking about my joke about Donna's new nickname & it clicked & Kira was like "FRANK & BEANS!" So that was a fun time. New Year's Day was at carmyarmyofme's; this is the third year running. Black-eyed peas for luck & collard greens for wealth. Carmen said that the ham & the cornbread don't symbolize anything so I coined some: they are for the power to defeat your enemies in the coming year, flora or fauna, vegetable or meat. The party was full of a bunch of kids but before you know it I found the parents who run a OSR game with Rolemaster crit tables. My people.
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