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In the news!

I'll try to be a little bit better about writing here; at the very least some rundowns. Last year I was terrible about books even, let alone the humdrum everyday, but you know, I also wrote a lot for & that will probably still continue to be a pattern. I just need to, I don't know, occasionally put in those cross-post indexes, at least, or blurb books I read with a placeholder even if I don't "get into it." I have been pretty good about "event" blogging, like my game or fordmadoxfraud's game or book club, so I don't think I've been too absent, just no where near as prolific as I've previously been. kingtycoon blamed it on my Tumblr, which isn't really true, but I mean, my feed reader & my outgoing feed is a thing I cultivate. My point is, I've at least been up to stuff. You know, I've gone through phases of being good about talking about the media I consume; maybe I'll give that a whirl. So I saw World's End (& I just wrote a miniature review & then accidentally deleted it by hitting ctrl-r when I meant to hit ctrl-t) which many others had recommended to me, chiefly littlewashu who picked it as her movie of the year. It thus had to work against expectations, to live up to the hype, which is never a good situation to be in. It is a nice rejection of the manchild, in a world where manchildren, menchilds, menschild, whatever, are constantly celebrated, especially in comedies of this sort. That said I was mostly...meh. I mean, I enjoyed it but really my favorite thing about it? The fight choreography. The brawls were really cool & really fun. The day before that? The new season of Community, now that Dan Harmon is back. Episode one, "Repilot" was blah but the second episode started getting its feet back under it. I appreciate the weirdness of the situation-- seriously, how did Dan Harmon get re-hired?-- & I want to support that, but I'm very "once bitten, twice shy" thanks to the network's crazed meddling. Oh & then the day before that-- last one-- we watched the newest episode of Elementary. Moriarty is back! I know Order of the Stick was just joking about it, but I like the "evil mastermind behind bars possibly trying to find redemption but probably playing the long con but...?" concept. Blacklist is the same thing but without the romance angle. Oh you know what, I lied, one more: we finished The West Wing. My advice? You should watch it, bear with a somewhat shaky start-- the curse of all Sorkin?-- & then you should bail when the showrunners leave at the end of season four. The show moves from being a high stakes workplace comedy to become a boring political drama, & all the characters get substantially dumber. You should listen to me on this, just like you should listen to me when I say you should watch the first season of Veronica Mars before the movie comes out. You might end up hooked, in which case you can watch the second season, but it isn't as good; avoid the third season, you'll just end up angry & heartbroken.
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