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Harvest Feast.

So it was just Real Thanksgiving yesterday. Yeah, late this year! The tribe is through Kira though at this point we've all known each other for like a decade. Anyhow, Kira's step-dad Robert is a chef, & he had to work on Thanksgiving, & people were traveling, so it got pushed & pushed. Listen, when a bunch of professional chefs are going to cook you turkey dinner, you wait. Jennifer's parents took the train up for the occasion as well; there was only one politics discussion & we didn't really get into it-- I think I heroically bit my tongue & suppressed my natural troll instincts-- so it was nice! We played board games & Jenny's dad Irv swept the day again. He does a similar "minding my own business" thing, a tactic near to my heart (but "let's you & him fight" is my favorite). Anyhow! So Thanksgiving. First off, obviously, the heck with the Puritans & the heck with genocide & so yeah, no, I'm not celebrating that. But I'm not celebrating Jesus when I get presents under the tree, either; they are secular seasonal festivals, yeah? You're eggs & rabbits for Spring, your fireworks & barbecue for Summer, masks & candy for Autumn, your Harvest feast of bounty, & then trees & presents for Winter. Yeah, War on Christmas, up with Santa & trees & prizes. So that happened. I'm a savory eater; I go for the trifecta of turkey, stuffing & mashed potatoes, & real talk? Mostly mashed potatoes. If you feed me paprika, the Transylvanian in my blood will like whatever you cooked; similarly, potatoes bring out the Tír na nÓg in me. Slap on a pat of herb butter, then dump gravy on it. That goes for everything on the plate; butter, gravy. Butter, gravy. I ate a bunch, hung out with Olivia a lot-- Jodi & I went out to play in the falling snow with her in the backyard-- & saw people I like that I don't see all that often, like Joe & Leigha & the rest of that side of the family, & Rita was super charmed by me this holiday I thought. Anyhow so that is what I've been up to.

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