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The Opposite of The Hunger Games.

So I took next week off work, so once I left the office a half hour after noon last Wednesday, I was free! For a while. How about that! I've got some plans to iron out but I haven't gotten into the nitty gritty yet. Mostly been "on vacation" with Jennifer (who took the pictures of me in this post) so far. Like for instance, yesterday we saw Catching Fire. The word on the street was that it was a good movie; the first movie was fine, but just okay. People are gung-ho about those books, & I only think they are alright, so it fits. Catching Fire was better than the first movie, & better than the book, but still over-long. The best things about it are: it removes Katniss' inner monologue in favor of letting Jennifer Lawrence act, which is great. Katniss is...not smart. The movie just made that textual. Similarly, the way the movie dealt with the "twist" was smart. In the novel, the whole "go to Battle Royale" premise of the first book is just recapitulated. It was disappointing; in the movie it is disappointing. The main characters, the "universe" of the Capitol & Panem, the supporting characters, the rivals...everybody expresses that frustration & fatigue. Anyhow, I can't help but be part of the cult of J-Law, so I was into it. Plus, Johanna Mason! Was she that cool in the book? I don't remember her being particularly cool in the book, but she was in the movie.

Then the other day we had "Thanksgiving" with Kira & Nino & Olivia & Judy. The construction of that sentence is "'Kira & Nino' & 'Olivia'" & "Judy." Hence the crazy run-on ampersands. I put "Thanksgiving" in quotes because the big tribal Thanksgiving, which I sort of think of as the "real" one, isn't till next week; you know how scheduling shenanigans can be. This was just a "let's do something turkey-ish" on the day itself. Hey! A bunch of lunatic theocrats got help from native peoples & then they all lived happily ever after. If by "all" you only mean white people. Anyhow! Harvest festivals are okay with me, besides that, & anyhow, didn't Honest Abe invent Thanksgiving? Kira decided to be playful about it; she made a turkey curry & we ate that with some shrimp & some fried rice & plenty of wine. Spent most of the time playing with Olivia till it was her bed time, then we absconded & snuck back after she was asleep. Meanwhile, Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellan were across the street tweeting pictures of their Thanksgiving. We should be friends! Guys! I ended up leaving before Jennifer, at about 10:45...I was a sleepy kitten, & I could tell that Jenny was settling in for the long haul. & she did, she didn't come home till after I was asleep. I'm an old dude; I woke up at 5:30 the next morning. Like I do probably a third of mornings. Otherwise I normally get up at six or sometimes sleep in till seven! Eight or eight thirty on the weekends!

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