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Things I Missed.

I got a sticker this year when I voted!

Livejournal ate my Thor: the Dark World review but I liked it a lot-- for clever ethnomythological nods, if nothing else, but there were other reasons to like it too-- & the Jennifer & I got cocktails & bread pudding at Clover Club.

Met up with Matt & Ione for the first time.

Last time Andrew was here we haunted the Google halls. Also, ate tacos.

& last time Gerd was here, after failing to meet up all weekend, we got lunch & played Jenga.

Olivia turned three; I got her a Superman shirt.

Held up a sign to take some social media promo shots for work.

Got drinks with Pierce & David H. at the Algonquin; saw this Vampire: the Masquerade shot on the way there.

Started drinking our newest homebrew, a Bruxelles Blonde.

Had a birthday party for Alvin where I all of a sudden got embarrassingly sick.
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